S-Quad Sensor

The S-Quad range of multifunction devices includes sensors with sounder, speech and EN54-23 certified visual alarms. This allows the maximum flexibility for designers providing cover for a building. The advanced sensing technology is enhanced with a device that can alert building            occupants with a highly visible visual alarm and a recorded voice message to ensure alloccupants are alerted to an emergency.

S-Quad Multi-Sensor with Integrated Sounder and Visual Alarms Device (VAD) S-Quad’s Multi-sensor with integrated sounder and VAD combines
renowned advanced sensing technology with state of the art visual alarms. The only practical solution meeting the demands of detection and the
performance needed to meet the EN54 part 23 standard. VAD colour and performance variants
• High intensity option with three intensity settings to achieve maximum flexibility for different room coverage, optimising loop coverage
• Standard intensity option also available
• White VADs use a multi-die LED with a ‘Day White’ colour
• Red VADs use multiple red LEDs giving a true red colour Voice messages The speech function is provided by stored messages on a non volatile flash memory component. This audible output from the fl ash memory can hold up to 20 seconds of speech. There is also the capability to provide complex tones, such as bell and DIN tones. Each sensor includes four standard messages with the component, which are as follows:



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