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Duct Smoke Sensor

Honeywell Gent’s duct smoke sensor has been specifically designed for use in ventilation ducting. Mounted externally to the duct, the device uses venturi probe technology to sample the air for smoke. If smoke is detected, the device triggers the shut down of air-conditioning or ventilation systems to isolate the hazard and prevent it spreading. >…

Beam Detectors

Honeywell Gent’s S-Quad Beam Sensors provides an enhanced solution for linear beam detection for applications where point detection is either not practical or economic. Powered and controlled via the loop, the beam is a market leading device with features such as ‘one man alignment and commissioning’ which is achieved using the auto gain setting, this…

S-Quad Sensor

The S-Quad range of multifunction devices includes sensors with sounder, speech and EN54-23 certified visual alarms. This allows the maximum flexibility for designers providing cover for a building. The advanced sensing technology is enhanced with a device that can alert building            occupants with a highly visible visual alarm and a…

S-Quad Sensör

S-Quad leads the industry in fire sensing technology. A complete range of devices sensors with a unique combination of sensing elements to provide quick, intelligent fire decisions.     ÜRÜN BİLGİSİ   > Detay İçin Tıklayınız   >LPCB Certificate